These ladies - and lads - show me the possibility to reach the sky if you are willing to fly.


2014, the year I have decided to try this new phenomenon called Air/Aerial workout.

After my first class, I had a new appreciation for everyone who made any kind of exercise a graceful activity. Every part of my body was aching; my mind was screaming at me, but my heart was set.

I fell in love with all the amazing things this challenging and extremely hard workout brought into my life - the awe when you can finally do a tiny little trick in the silk when you can see some muscles in places you never thought you had any and the wonderful support from the people around you.

Then I started to see the beauty and I wanted to capture it.

I wanted to reveal these incredible people who are so passionate and devoted to using their bodies in ways that I am constantly amazed by.

Their strength, grace, and beauty shine through and I am so privileged to represent them.