I am glad you here!

While I wanted my photographs to tell you everything you need to know about me, I do understand if you wish to know a little bit more.

So, here it is;

I live in Chicago, I love coffee dates ( come, have one with me ), good books ( I am currently reading the Shadows by Alex North), and travel with friends to near and far. 

As you probably already figured I also love photographing people. I love to capture their personality, learning what makes them smile or just to be themselves. These tiny moments I appreciate, love and work for.

"What a like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."


K. Lagerfeld


What others say about me

"I have worked with Violetta several times over the past couple of years and the experience has never been short of amazing!  Her energy and enthusiasm helps me feel comfortable so I can just focus on having fun behind the camera.   I always feel open, inspired, and at my absolute best at every booking!  She has a great eye and provides easy direction and great cues for capturing a beautiful profile and flattering angle.  Several of my friends have also worked with Violetta over the years and I am always blown away by the jaw dropping beauty she is able to capture.  Her photos always look natural and easy which speaks to the environment she welcomes her clients into.  She is a true talent from start to finish and you couldn’t be in better hands.  I cannot wait to work with her again!"

Stephanie B.


"For more than 10 years of knowing and working with Violetta no former or past staff members have ever been so exceptionally qualified as a professionally photographer.

Not only she is proficient as an artist and photographer, Violet’s work ethic, her tenacity, creativity and perfectionist personality is beyond all the many employees and students that I have had for the past 45 years as a professional photographer."

John B. R.


"I cant imagine feeling more comfortable with a photographer, being more at ease in my own skin, or having such a blast with any other person than Violet. She has this amazing energy that calms you down but focuses you all at the same time. We have worked on many projects together and its safe to say every time she exceeds my expectations and blows me away with her photographs. Violet not only gets my vision, she manages to transform it into something beyond my wildest dreams. She is not only an outstanding photographer but a gentle and bright soul and its been an absolute pleasure to have worked with her so often."

Amber D.